Massage for Corporate Events

As well as providing regular On-Site Massage sessions, Essential Vitality can offer your company corporate services at specific events, such as:

Event group massage

Wellbeing Events: It makes good business sense to include massage at your Wellbeing days for staff, as a great way to promote staff welfare!

Staff Team Days: Providing massage at work on designated team days is an excellent way of demonstrating the company’s appreciation of its staff.

Particularly Stressful Period: During a period where employees are under particular pressure: for example Year End, On-Site Massage will reward staff, give encouragement, and boost morale.

Client Incentives and Rewards: Providing On-Site Massage for clients can add that extra dimension to your company.

Corporate Events and Exhibitions: Offer On-Site Massage at your stand to attract and retain clients. The re-energising massage will definitely give clients a much needed boost, and bring attention to your exhibition stand.

Conferences: Delegates will appreciate a stress-relieving, revitalising On-Site Massage treatment during their break.

How will your employees react when you reward them with an On-Site Massage?  Will they feel more appreciated, be more motivated, and encouraged to be more productive?

Contact me to arrange a free trial of our services in your workplace and see the results for yourself!