About Essential Vitality

From Beauty Therapy to Corporate On-Site Massage

On-site massage showing seated Acupressure technique
I’d like to thank Colin, my husband, for the launch of Essential Vitality’s Corporate On-Site Massage service in 2007.

Colin came home one day having received a massage at work. When he told me how fantastic it made him feel, it sparked my interest and research into massage for the workplace!

At the time, Essential Vitality was providing Beauty Therapy treatments, and clients, who booked massages after work, would often say how they wished they had more time to fit a de-stressing massage into their busy work schedule.

Consequently, having researched Seated Acupressure Massage (On-Site Massage) and being convinced of the value of bringing massage to the workplace, I established Essential Vitality’s Corporate On-Site Massage Service.

Since then, Essential Vitality has provided massages to some great companies who genuinely care about the wellbeing of their staff.  Thanks here goes to all those hard-working people sitting at corporate desks, and your employers, who’ve used our services!

Essential Vitality’s longest standing client, Bytes Software Services, received The Sunday Times award for The 100 Best Small Companies to work for 2020 (and in previous years) with regular On-Site Chair Massage being listed as one of the contributing factors to having healthy, happy staff.

“Essential Vitality give the best massages! For only a 20 minute massage, it really vitalises me for the rest of the working day.  I’m never too tense now, it has improved my work productivity.”

Anton Murphy | Account Manager | Bytes Software Services Ltd

Introducing DSE Assessments

As part of our massage services, Essential Vitality practitioners often give advice on health and wellbeing issues. Increasingly, posture and desk ergomonics are being highlighted as a potential cause of repetitive strain and muscular tension.  As a direct result, our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment service was introduced to complement our massage services.

Here, professional advice on ergonomic principles, in line with HSE guidelines, as well as good working practice, is provided for users of display screen equipment.

Our Virtual Well-Being Services

With the 2020 Pandemic forcing our On-Site Services to be suspended, I’m delighted that we launched Essential Vitality’s YouTube channel in June 2020!  The first videos were commission for the CIPD’s Festival of Work virtual event, and featured in the Wellbeing Hub. The videos give practical well-being advice – including ergonomic tips on working from home.