Virtual Well-being

How do you support the mental and physical well-being of your employees?

  • Are your teams working in the office, working from home, or hybrid working?
  • What steps are your employees taking to look after their own well-being?
  • How do you ensure your staff are working safely to minimise risks?

Here’s where Essential Vitality can help!

We specialise in supporting HR Managers and employers to prioritise their employees’ mental and physical well-being.

All our Virtual Well-Being services provide effective methods for promoting self-care, whilst enabling employers to demonstrate a genuine commitment to employee well-being

Guided Stretches

Group interactive sessions

Well-Being Quiz

Promoting self-care

DSE Assessment

Guidance for the DSE User

Our Virtual Well-Being Services help:

  • employees to stay happy and healthy, whether they are hybrid working, working from home, or returning to the office
  • companies to comply with Health & Safety DSE regulations
  • reduce the risks of work-related stress and isolation
  • minimise the risk of strain, pain and MSK disorders
  • promote good working habits
  • educate individuals on why & how they should look after themselves

In addition, our Virtual Well-Being services can be effective team-building opportunities – getting people together with positive outcomes.

More about our range of Virtual Well-being services:

Guided Stretch Sessions

Usually 15-minutes, these sessions are run via Zoom or Teams for up to 24 participants and are the perfect way to encourage that all-important break from sitting at a screen, and to reduce fatigue from sitting for long periods.

Participants joining in the Guided Stretch routine - sideways neck stretch

The stretches are also designed to:

  • Improve mobility and ease stiffness caused from sitting at a desk all day
  • Promote positive mental and physical well-being
  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Provide a dedicated ‘mindful’ break from work
  • Help employers comply with HSE DSE regulations

How does it work?

  • We send you an exclusive booking link for employees to book onto the session
  • Employees then receive the link to attend via Zoom (or Teams)
  • We give safety advice at the start of the session
  • We can include breathing exercises at the start to de-stress and focus
  • We’ll take you through each stretch – guiding you in a controlled manner and explaining adaptations where necessary
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Well-Being Quiz

Well-being quiz question how often do you take a proper lunch

Our interactive and engaging Well-Being Quiz is a great way for teams to get together.  It covers important topics on physical and mental well-being, with a friendly approach. The quiz can be tailored to your company and helps to:

  • Highlight the importance of selfcare
  • Inspire people to assess their own well-being
  • Encourage positive change where needed
  • Signpost individuals to where and how to get help when in need, or in a crisis
Contact us today to arrange a Well-Being Quiz for your team tailored with your company ethos in mind

Virtual Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Services

We have adapted our on-site DSE Assessment services to enable us to provide DSE services virtually.

These can be tailored to your requirements and include:

  • Individual DSE Risk Assessments – workstation evaluation, actions and recommendations, with reporting in line with HSE guidelines
  • Group Interactive presentations on posture – educating employees on the importance of good posture, self-care and how to minimise risks
  • Company DSE Risk Assessment Audits – an overview of potential risks and a recommended plan of action for compliance

With the DSE User’s workstation adjusted to fit their needs and minimise risks, how do you, the employer, ensure that bad habits and poor posture don’t jeopardise this good work?

We devised our “Good Posture” presentation for this very reason!

Good Posutre at work image

Essential Vitality’s interactive presentation on good posture highlights the risks for DSE Users, especially with hybrid working and hot-desking.  The guidance helps employers comply with Health & Safety DSE Regulations by educating employees with an informative approach.

It covers the following

  • The detrimental effects of bad posture
  • Workstation set-up to achieve good posture
  • Practical tips on reducing the risks for DSE Users, and improving well-being
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Watch this video for more information on our individual DSE Assessments

“Employers have a legal responsibility to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of their remote employees. Our Virtual DSE Assessment services help to protect your employees and give you peace of mind.”

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Employee Mental Well-Being

We can help you to support the mental well-being of your employees.

Working with you and your Mental Health First Aiders we can help to devise an action plan for company-wide implementation. We can combine our knowledge of well-being in the workplace and Mental Health First Aid training, with your company’s values and policies to draw-up a workable plan to support mental health in the workplace.

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Well-Being Resources

We run most of our virtual session via Zoom or Teams.

We also have 3–4-minute pre-recorded videos of our stretch routines and postural awareness presentation, offering you valuable resources for a one-off purchase

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Upper body stretches

A happy workforce can be the greatest asset to your business!

Essential Vitality for a positive impact on well-being and productivity Working with you to promote a healthy happy team!