On-Site Massage Testimonials

Paola, from Essential Vitality has visited our offices a few times now for at-desk massages and she has become very popular! Everyone always really looks forward to the massages and gives us something to look forward to. The massages are excellent and Paola is a delight to have at the office”

Ciara Sheridan, HR & Operations Coordinator, ACC Aviation

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“It has been a real pleasure doing business with you, Essential Vitality. You are very professional, reliable, flexible and really try to meet your customer’s needs. Anne-Marie was brilliant – very punctual, very kind, resourceful, very patient, and super professional. A big thank you to her for providing the massages on the day.

We will definitely recommend Essential Vitality’s services and will keep you on our list of contacts for our ‘go-to’ massage providers in the future, thanks again!”

Sandra Ospina, HR Assistant/Staff Development, Richmond upon Thames College

“I believe my first words after the massage finished were ‘Wow I am not even sure I know how to put into words how good that was!’.  I had such a lovely warm welcome into the room with gentle music in the background and such a comfortable massage chair to sit on I felt like I was floating before it even began.  I requested quite a deep level of pressure and felt that was achieved, I thoroughly enjoyed my acupressure massage, once my eyes were closed and the massage began I completely forgot I was at work.  All the employees in our company have been floating back into the office after having their massage which has been wonderful to see.

Highly recommend and we shall be having Essential Vitality back onsite for another treat in the future.”

Lian Stacey, Office Manager, Silent Pool Distillers

“The services of Essential Vitality have been excellent for BTCSoftware.  Everyone really looks forward to our on-site massage days and really feels the benefit, especially given that we are all stuck at our desks most days which isn’t great for our posture.

Personally, the regular massages have helped relax my back and neck and improved my at desk posture no end.  Couple that with the luxury of thirty minutes of pure relaxation and Essential Vitality have become, well, essential, both personally and as an employer of very happy and relaxed staff!”

Rob Ellis, CEO BTCSoftware Ltd

“I love the chair massage as it gives me the opportunity to have some ‘me’ time. After the massage I feel relaxed and my shoulders in particular feel ‘released’ and free of ‘niggles’. Also, I do think more about my posture as a result of my massage. When you have a regular massage you are focussing on your own wellbeing which means you are then able to focus on other people. I feel ready for the outside world after my massage and it makes me more positive in general.”

Tammy Ellis, Director, BTCSoftware Ltd

Really looking forward to my Essential Vitality massage at work tomorrow. It’s so important to take just 15 minutes away from the stresses of work to relax and recharge and I’m so glad our relationship with Paola Saunders’s great company is building.

Always a pleasure to welcome Essential Vitality to Thorpe Park, here’s to many more visits!

Bethan Mitchell Assoc CIPD, HR Advisor

“Really good! Feel relaxed and ready to go back to work” 

RF, Thorpe Park Resort
Bytes Software Services

“On site chair massages from Essential Vitality provide us with an opportunity to support the welfare of our employees with minimal outlay.  It gives excellent return in terms of staff morale and motivation and new and prospective employees are thrilled and excited to hear that we offer this option.

Existing employees find it rewarding to have the opportunity to de-stress without the need to book time outside of work.

We would definitely recommend Essential Vitality to organisations to help employees cope with modern day stresses.

Fiona Townsend, Group HR Manager, Bytes Software Services

Julie is a highly skilled massage professional who sorts out all the knots my team and I are suffering from, not only the stress of a target driven role, but how a busy job effects our home environment and the pressure we carry. We’re fortunate that Bytes Software Services contribute to the cost of our monthly Corporate Chair Massage and see the benefit of investing in their employees welfare.

Julie is genuinely interested in how we are feeling. I encourage you to give Essential Vitality a call!

Phillippa Lee, Sales Manager, Bytes Software Services (York)

“These massages are a great way to relieve stress from work and take 20 minutes away from your desk. Sitting in an office chair all day makes your back and shoulders feel tense but this massage takes that away and makes you feel loose. I look forward to my massage every week, thank you”

Chris Gill, Business Development Account Manager, Bytes Software Services


“Working at a desk all day, I build up a lot of tension in my back, neck and shoulders. As a working mother, it is often hard to find any “me time” during the week and so a seated acupressure massage at work is the perfect solution. A regular massage during a coffee break or at lunch helps me to relax and reduces my daily stress and anxiety, preventing long-term health problems. Paola liaises with our HR department to make sure that her good work is carried on throughout the workplace.”

Vicky Knights, Internal Sales Support Level 1, Bytes Software Services

“Essential Vitality give the best massages! For only a 20 minute massage, it really vitalises me for the rest of the working day. I’m never too tense now, it has improved my work productivity.”

Anton Murphy, Account Manager, Bytes Software Services Ltd

“I feel calm, relaxed and less stressed after the massage. I suffer with back problems and my shoulders are often tight and tense, having the massage helps to release the tension and ease the pain. I am terrible for sitting with my legs on my chair. The advice Paola gives makes me think more about this and trying to sit in a better position. Paola has also provided some good advice on ways to relieve the tension with my back in between the massage sessions. I look forward to having a massage whilst at work because sitting at a desk all day does impact my posture. The 20 minutes away from my desk helps me to clear my mind so that I can be more focused upon my return to my desk… it helps me to relax and feel more positive for the rest of the day.

Paola makes the room feel welcoming and creates a calm atmosphere. Paola never fails to make me feel relaxed and is good at concentrating on the areas which need more attention such as my shoulders.”

Chanel Harley, Senior Sales Support, Bytes Software Services Ltd

“I enjoy having a chair massage… I suffer with tension in my shoulders and the massages help me feel relaxed and remind me to use the correct posture at my desk and although this sometime slips, the massages always help remind me. Paola has given good, sound advice on my posture and also given me some exercises to use between massages. Highly recommend the chair massages!”

Clare Phillips, IT Service Delivery Manager, Bytes Software Services Ltd

“I have been having regular onsite chair massages for the past couple of years and have definitely seen an improvement and now have less tension around my neck and shoulders particularly….I am always welcomed by a very friendly and cheerful tone which instantly makes me relax and feel I am in a comfortable environment. I am given regular advice about how to avoid further strain to the specific area’s I tend to have most problems with and feel these regular massages have made a huge improvement to my day to day wellbeing.”

Emma Alder, Operations Support Manager, Bytes Software Services Ltd

“It’s so convenient to have Paola come to our offices, I do a lot of sport outside of work and massage is really important to maintain good movement and prevent injuries. The 20 minute chair massage at work is perfect for me as I have a fairly busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to take a couple of hours out of my day to travel so a chair massage is perfect, I immediately feel better afterwards.”

Helen Murphy, Account Executive, Bytes Software Services

“I think the chair massage is absolutely fantastic. I do not have any back or neck problems and feel the massage is to thank for this. It is extremely relaxing however I feel ready to tackle my day when I return to my desk. I have a massage once a week and feel this relieves so much stress. Paola and Debbie are amazing! I would recommend the chair massage to anyone.”

Chloe Paul, Sales Ledger & Credit Control Team Leader, Bytes Software Services Ltd

“I have been having massages from Paola for over 5 years and I religiously go every week! They are a great way to relax away from your desk for 20 minutes, due to the vigorous ending you find yourself more awake when you get back to your desk than when you left it. I have a few issues with my neck in the past and Paola has worked hard to help improve it. She adds the finishing touches by remembering the massages you like and the parts that you don’t and moulds the session to what you enjoy & relaxes you. Overall a great massage!”

Dani Meechan, Back Office & Orders Team Manager, Bytes Software Services Ltd

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“I always feel relaxed after the massage and appreciate the half an hour of ‘me time’ away from the stresses of work. I look forward to the regular massages and as well as helping to reduce neck and shoulder tension, I feel I am able to concentrate better afterwards. Paola is often reminding me how I should be sitting at my desk!”

Ian Katté, Director, Katté & Co.

We have been using Paola for many years and have also recommended her to other companies which have happily taken her up on her on-site massage service. What a great way to end the day, Paola is a master and would highly recommend her, just fab!

Tim King, Director of Marketing Recruitment
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“Really good, nice break and definitely relaxed me!”

Rosie Kingston, Account Executive, Something Big

“Very good, felt like it loosened neck tension and relaxed my shoulders”

Fiona Hague, Senior Email Marketing Manager, Something Big


“Brilliant! Loved it and she was fab!

Andrea Wellbelove, Digital Artworker and HTML Developer, Something Big