Chair Massage

We’ve been providing Corporate On-Site Massage in the workplace for over 15 years!  Here’s what some employees, who receive a 20-minute Chair Massage regularly from Essential Vitality, have to say:

“I think the chair massage is absolutely fantastic. I feel ready to tackle my day when I return to my desk… I would recommend the chair massage to anyone.”

“The 20 minute chair massage at work is perfect for me … I immediately feel better afterwards.”

“Once you have tried it you won’t go back! I have a massage once a week and feel this relieves so much stress…”

on site chair massage at eventsIf that’s how just a few people feel – imagine the positive response from your whole team after receiving the Chair Massage!

Can you think of a better, more cost-effective way of boosting staff morale and showing your staff you value their well-being?  It’s no surprise that workplace massage helps to attract and retain staff!

Want to find out more – Watch us in action!

Watch this short video to find out how we bring benefits of massage into the workplace – promoting employee well-being and productivity.

Plus, it’s convenient and easy to set up:

  • We bring our own specialist massage chair which can be set up in a meeting room or a quiet corner of an open plan office
  • The 20-minute Chair Massage is the most popular choice for companies. We also offer 10, 15 and 30 minute massages – the treatment can be adapted depending on your company’s requirements
  • We ask a key contact to liaise with Essential Vitality to arrange the appointments and room bookings
  • Employees book their appointment easily using the company-exclusive booking link

It’s good for business!

Shoulder Massage - On-Site chair massage

Workplace Chair Massage – especially on a regular basis – can have an amazing, positive impact on the well-being of your team, which can only be good for business!

What’s more helping to reduce employee stress levels is important for employee mental well-being as well as boosting productivity.

The HSE defines work-related stress, depression or anxiety as “a harmful reaction people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work.”

There were 15.4 million working days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression in 2018/19 according to the Health and Safety Executive.  Taking action to reduce stress is important for business: reducing stress is good for employee mental and physical well-being, and lowers absenteeism in your organisation.

Find out more about the Chair Massage

  • The massage is given through clothing on a specialist chair, allowing the person to relax whilst fully supported in the chair
  • The areas we work on during the massage include back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp
  • The massage is a type of pressure massage using specific techniques designed to ease tension and re-energise mind and body
  • Percussion movements and stretches at the end help to revitalise
  • Employees return to work with improved concentration and increased productivity
  • The official name is Seated Acupressure Massage – but we often call it ‘Chair Massage’ for short. More on that later….

Contact us today to arrange massage at your workplace 

So, can massage really make a difference?

The answer is YES!

As massage therapists we know the positive effects of massage because we see the ’Before’ and ‘After’. We see the difference between a person walking in the room – stressed, shoulders hunched, holding tension in their body –  to when they walk out – smiling, relaxed, and walking ‘tall’, ready to face the day.

Massage improves employee health and wellbeing in so many ways:

  • Easing muscle tension in the upper body
  • Boosting circulation in the areas worked on
  • Reducing stress
  • Helping concentration and focus
  • Increasing postural awareness leading to improved posture

The best way to find out is to experience the massage yourself Call us today!

Forearm press On-Site Massage - the benefits of touchDavid Palmer, well known for introducing Chair Massage from America to the UK,  points out the impact of positive touch:

“Massage/touch brings our minds and bodies back into the present moment, which is where, as the mindfulness experts keep telling us, all of the best decisions are made.”

Source: Touch Education in the Workplace. This article first appeared in the June 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine