‘At Your Desk’ Vitality Massage

Vitality Massage percussion technique At desk Massage
No space for a massage chair?

Meeting rooms in constant demand?

Then our ‘At Your Desk’ Vitality Massage could be the answer!

The Vitality Massage is usually carried out at the employee’s desk, with their screen switched off and phones diverted.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, to minimise the risks, we are operating our Vitality Massages slightly differently – Contact us here to find out more

Female employee seated rubbing neck area
The Vitality Massage targets the neck and shoulder areas. These are the areas where tension tends to accumulate when employees are seated at a screen all day. After all, how often do you find yourself trying to ease tension by rubbing your neck and shoulders?

You will be amazed by how effective just a 10-minute Vitality Massage can be.

“Really good, nice break and definitely relaxed me” Rosie

“Very good, felt like it loosened neck tension and relaxed my shoulders” Fiona

“Totally needed that. Excellent. Thanks!” Fi

Employees at Something Big, Woking, Surrey

What’s great about the Vitality Massage?

  • De-stresses and revitalises staff – the massage ends with energising percussion movements
  • Encourages good posture by introducing some simple stretches
  • Helps employers meet guidelines on the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) on staff taking regular breaks to reduce fatigue and improve concentrationVitality Shoulder Massage - On-Site Massage by Essential Vitality

Vitality Massage works for small or large groups

  • More than one therapist can be working in the office at one time, so for larger offices up to 25 people per practitioner can receive and benefit from a massage in one day
  • Alternatively, we accept bookings for as little as 3 hours: ideal for smaller employers
  • Vitality Massage also works on occasions where space is limited – for example at corporate events and trade exhibitions

Easy to arrange:

  • No room booking is required, as the massage is carried out at the desk
  • No need to set up appointments for individual staff members
  • Health details are checked discreetly and in confidence before starting each massage

Contact us here to book ‘At Your Desk’ Vitality Massages to reward your team!

Revitalise and Reward your Staff with Vitality Massages!