Our Core Values

Essential Vitality Brand Value

Professional – assurance of our confidential approach to individuals and company policies.  Having professional skills and qualifications.  Being trustworthy, knowledgeable, business-like, and efficient.

Impactful – getting results – individual and corporate. Making a difference, improving people’s lives, improving corporate health and wellbeing – increasing productivity; effective outcomes.

Caring – concern for people’s wellbeing and positive results, includes education and advice for staff  and employers on welfare. Providing a personal service.  Supportive of corporate objectives and stress-management policies.

Positive – constructive advice, positive approach and positive results, positive outlook. Optimistic, confident, constructive, helpful, encouraging, assured.

Approachable – friendly and approachable to staff and company, keeping confidences, working with empathy, engaging in a caring manner.  Able to adapt to individual needs.  Having good listening skills.

Dependable – Offering a reliable service, keeping promises.  Being committed, and offering continuity of service.  Being conscientious.