I was delighted to be featured in Vitality[i] magazine this month. Our Beauty Therapy trade magazine. [ii]  For those of you who missed the post earlier in the month here is it:

Wellness in the workplace might be a hot topic in 2019 but Paola Saunders has been tapping into it since 2007 when she qualified in Seated Acupressure Massage and set up her Corporate On-Site Massage Service as an extension of her beauty therapy business, Essential Vitality.


Completely different from simply adapting Swedish or couch massage to a chair, Paola trained at the Academy of On-Site Massage[iii] and took Touch Pro[iv] courses to learn the series of acupressure techniques that are performed in sequence.  Working on specific acupressure points and meridians on the back, arms, neck and shoulders to promote general wellbeing, the treatment finishes with stretches and percussion to re-energise.


As part of the customer care, each client leaves armed with individual wellbeing advice.  Plus, Paola is now a qualified Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessor so she can advise those who spend hours hunched over their desks and hovering over a keyboard.  It also gives her an edge on the competition – which, with the growing focus on health and wellbeing at work, is on the rise.


Luckily with her extra training, qualifications and personal touch, no-one else stands a chance at getting their hands on her business’ dedicated clientele.  Especially now employees have convinced bosses to have regular ‘massage’ days.  Happy faces all round.”

The original article submitted raised the important correlation between high-calibre training and standards of excellence within the industry.  However, I think this message comes across, and I am very pleased with the published article.

For more information on the courses mentioned please refer to links below, or get in touch.

[i] https://www.facebook.com/BABTACandCIBTACmagazine/ 

[ii] https://www.babtac.com/

[iii] https://www.aosm.co.uk/seated-acupressure-massage

[iv] https://touchpro.co.uk/