This article explains why On-Site Massage is an effective stress management tool and a valuable employee wellbeing service.

Companies have an obligation to look after their staff, and as a good employer you’ll be mindful of how workplace stress negatively impacts your employees. 

The HSE defines stress as:

The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them…’

Taking action, by introducing practical solutions such as On-Site Massage, can help to minimise the impact of stress and help to build a resilient workforce, reducing the likelihood of stress-related absenteeism, boosting staff morale and increasing retention as a result.

As April is International Stress Awareness Month, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explore what makes our On-Site Massage service such an effective stress management tool in the workplace.

Seven reasons for using On-Site Massage to tackle Workplace Stress

  1. It’s convenient, and it requires minimal effort from employees. On-Site Massage is the ideal stress management solution for the office, as it requires minimal input with maximum results. Participants only need to turn up to enjoy and benefit! Other stress management tools often require commitment of time, self-participation, getting into a routine or change of habits – all of which require effort to gain results. 
  2. It doesn’t involve technology. Unlike some stress management solutions, such as apps that require a device to implement, On-Site Massage has the added benefit of taking the employee away from technology. Research has shown that taking a break from screen time eases anxiety, increases happiness, aids productivity and improves self-esteem.[i]
  3. It’s inclusive. Massage is suitable or can be adapted for most people, making it an all-inclusive de-stressing tool and well-being benefit. On-Site Massage is also practical because there is no need to undress – the chair is easily transportable, so it can be set up in most offices.
  4. It’s holistic:
    • Supporting physical, mental and emotional well-being, massage can ‘be beneficial not only in reducing physical pain, but also for improving mood and fighting stress’.[ii]
    • The stress-relieving benefits are both immediate and long-lasting. Individuals look forward to their massage, which helps to manage stress levels even before they receive the massage itself, and the de-stressing benefits can extend far beyond the massage appointment. In addition, massage therapists offer well-being tips and encourage good self-care habits at work to help reduce stress and promote individual’s welfare
  5. It has a high participation rate. Due to the massage being convenient, inclusive, practical and effective, our workplace massages are always popular and participation rate is typically 100%.
  6. It’s convenient to organise. Our online booking system makes arranging appointments easy, and allows staff to book and manage their own massage appointment. This makes organising our massage service stress-free for office staff. The addition of online reports provide ROI data and minimise admin time for HR staff too.
  7. Last, but by no means least, is the massage itself. Massage is recognised as an effective method for reducing stress, and also provides a multitude of other well-being benefits.[iii]

The feedback below, received from our clients, reflects the success of our On-Site Massage service in helping to reduce stress in the workplace: 

‘It is extremely relaxing. However, I feel ready to tackle my day when I return to my desk. I have a massage once a week, and feel this relieves so much stress. Paola and her team are amazing! I would recommend the chair massage to anyone.’

‘I feel re-energised, and relaxed in my body and mind. Thank you!’

‘Fantastic massage, and great advice.’

‘Amazing! Great for my well-being and focus – thank you.’

It’s clear that, by using our On-Site Massage service to minimise workplace stress, employees feel better and are able to perform better. This, in turn, supports your business in achieving its goals.

‘A happy workforce can be the greatest asset to your business.’

To arrange an On-Site Massage session for your employees, get in touch with us today.  Or contact us for more details. 

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