We call the massage Essential Vitality provides in the workplace Corporate On-Site massage. However, it’s often given different names by different service providers, which can be confusing when choosing the right workplace massage for your team.

We hope this brief article will help to clarify the meaning behind these terms, and what to look out for when you’re selecting a massage provider.

The technical term for On-Site Massage is Seated Acupressure Massage. As the name suggests, this is a type of pressure massage given through clothing whilst the recipient sits, fully supported, on a special ergonomic chair. Seated Acupressure Massage can also be called Chair Massage, On-Site Chair Massage or Seated On-Site Massage.

This interchangeable use can be misleading, however, as not all practitioners trained in Chair Massage have received official Seated Acupressure Massage Training. Similarly, not all companies offering On-Site or Chair Massage hold the accredited Seated Acupressure Massage qualification. 

Seated Acupressure Massage is derived from the ancient Japanese shiatsu massage technique called ‘Anma’, meaning ‘press and rub’. A type of pressure massage, the acupressure points that our specialist massage therapists work on are linked to acupuncture, where each point links to a body part or body system. These areas are specifically chosen to help bring about a shift or a change within the body.

Our On-Site Massage therapists have all achieved the official Seated Acupressure Massage qualification, and as a result are fully accomplished and experienced in using these techniques.

The method that our therapists use includes a sequence of massage movements known as a ‘KATA’, or dance, and collectively these movements work together to promote overall well-being. Although the massage is not regarded as specifically remedial, therapists can target certain areas to help relieve tension, such as tension in the neck and shoulders caused by sitting and working at a computer or device. This is the reason why our massages are both de-stressing and re-energising.

In order to train in Seated Acupuncture Massage, therapists are required to be fully qualified and experienced massage therapists, as this training is postgraduate level. The series of techniques taught on the course, each provide the massage therapist with valuable skills, such as how to use their body weight effectively, how to adapt the massage to the client’s needs, and how to minimise strain on their own joints and energy levels. This discipline, as a result, allows each therapist to maintain technique and form while carrying out multiple massages in a short period of time.

When researching the ideal Corporate On-Site Massage service provider for your workplace, our advice is to check the specific type of ‘chair massage’ that’s being offered.

All massage therapists who offer Seated Acupressure Massage will have received thorough training, certificates of achievement, and their insurance will confirm that they are qualified to provide Seated Acupressure Massage to their clients.

By hiring massage therapists who are qualified in Seated Acupressure Massage, you can be confident that you are receiving value for money and your employees will benefit from a high quality, effective On-Site Massage, as reflected in this feedback Essential Vitality has received:

‘You’ll be amazed how much difference even fifteen minutes can make to feeling de-stressed and re-energised.’

‘I have an On-Site Chair Massage regularly, and I feel it relieves so much stress! I feel ready to return to my work re-focused.’

Return on investment is both tangible and evident, with the positive impact of each massage ensuring that employees feel valued, appreciated, and supported by their employer.

We hope that this explanation has helped to clarify the different names used for workplace massage services, and helped you to identify what you should look for in an On-Site Massage provider. You may ask ‘what’s in a name?’, but we believe that understanding the name certainly does matter!

To find out more about our On-Site Massage services, please contact us at info@essentialvitality.co.uk.

You can also watch us in action in this two minute video.