It’s World Music Day, and we’re celebrating the positive impact that music can have on our well-being.

World Music Day was established to encourage us to pay tribute to music, something which plays a significant role in many peoples’ lives. Music day is about appreciating the power of music, and sharing this with others.

A review of 26 different studies, with participants from across the globe, found that music may ‘provide a clinically significant boost to mental health’.

An article in the Guardian describing the study explains that while participants sang, played and listened to music respectively, the mental health benefits were found to be positive in all cases.

In fact, the mental health benefits were even likened to those achieved by exercising more and losing weight!

Additionally, according to research published by Mind, the mental health charity, listening to music releases dopamine in our brains. Dopamine, the feel-good hormone, was up to 9% higher when volunteers in the study listened to music that they enjoyed.

While the links between music and mental and physical well-being are still being explored, it’s clear that listening to music can make a difference. 

You may have noticed that some shops play music. It’s thought that this can help to create a positive customer experience and lead to potential customers staying and browsing longer. 

Music can also provide benefits in the office workspace. For example, a study by Mindlab International Ltd, as reported by The Telegraph, suggests that music can improve productivity – with ‘nature music, classical music, ambient soundtracks and cinematic music’ seeing noted improvements. In open plan offices, some workers find listening to music through headphones helps them to concentrate and focus. 

If you’re keen to listen to some new, mindful music this World Music Day, we have some fantastic recommendations:


Rob Hulford

A well-being musician, Rob specialises in creating new age ambient music to feed the soul. We find Rob’s music is the perfect background music to our on-site massages in the workplace.


Peaceful Strings Harp

Harpist Julia Mitchell specialists in therapeutic harp, guiding the listener through stages of relaxation. She provides online and live sessions for corporate events to refresh the mind and improve mood.


What music do you find calming and uplifting? What do you listen to when you’re relaxing? Let us know!