If you’re considering introducing our On-Site Massage service into your workplace, we thought it might be helpful to highlight six key factors that contribute to the success of this valuable well-being service. 

Having these key factors in place will ensure that the massage service can run effectively and smoothly, enabling your business, as well as your employees, to gain optimum benefit from the massage service. We received this feedback from a recent contract, as an example:

“I can’t thank you enough, the feedback has been phenomenal, and I know that the massages went down well!”

In our experience of providing massages in the workplace for over 15 years, these key factors play a major role in the success of the service:

1. Advocation by Senior Management

When the massages have the support of senior management and are promoted from the top, the message conveyed by the company to their employees is clear: ‘we want you to take time out from your day to support your wellbeing’.

This means that even at the most busy and stressful times, employees feel they can take the 15/20 minutes out to de-stress, re-energise and refocus – after which they feel recharged and ready to return to their task refreshed and more productive. This message to staff is even stronger when senior managers take time out themselves to receive and benefit from a massage at work! We believe it is extremely beneficial when senior management recognises the need for and importance of taking time out for mental and physical well-being.

2. Regular Sessions 

Holding a one-off On-Site Massage session on a given day is a great way to boost staff morale and demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being.  When the massage service is provided regularly (eg. weekly or monthly) this demonstrates to staff the company’s ongoing commitment to employee well-being. This can be compared to awareness days or weeks which focus on a topic, e.g. Mental Health Awareness Week, which also provide an opportunity to commit to promoting well-being in the workplace. Look out for our next blog, where we’ll delve into the many advantages of having a regular massage service at the workplace.

3. Budget

When the massages are fully funded, or partly funded by the employer, this gives a strong message to employees that their employer genuinely values their well-being. Companies often say that employee well-being is at the top of their agenda, but their allocated well-being budget may not reflect this. Businesses that provide a funded On-Site Massage service demonstrate a proactive approach to stress management, and a commitment to employee well-being.

4. Good Relationship with Company Key Contact

Another key factor in the success of an On-Site Massage contract is the support from the company’s key liaison. As with any relationship, having good rapport and communications with the person promoting the massage service is vital. Alongside this is the importance that they understand and appreciate the well-being benefits the service offers.

5. Good Internal Communications 

Good communication will ensure that employees:

  • are made aware of the service
  • understand the well-being benefits of the massage 
  • know that they can take time out to receive a massage
  • recognise that the service is encouraged and supported by management

6. Sufficient allocated space

When providing On-Site massage, a sufficient area is required to carry out the massages: a meeting room is ideal, or a quiet corner of the office. For companies where space is limited, we offer At-Your-Desk massages.

All the above key elements combine toEssential Vitality providing On-Site Massage ensure that we can deliver a professional and effective service to enable your employees, as well as your business, to benefit from the positive impact of On-Site Massage. 

We had another brilliant day with you providing your massage service to our staff on our inset day, once again thank you Essential Vitality for your support and your wonderful services’

For all enquiries and to introduce On-Site Massage at your company please contact: info@essentialvitality.co.uk 

To learn more about the benefits of On-Site Massage please refer to our website.